Adult Capoeira Beginner Classes

This 8 week beginner class series with Professor Steve will introduce you to traditional style of Capoeira Angola. Capoeira Angola is an Afro-Brazilian art, sport and cultural heritage that blends martial arts, dance and music, and is played like a game. The classes will focus on improving rhythm, balance and overall mobility. Our goal is to have fun, get a healthy workout, learn fundamental Capoeira Angola movements and music techniques and experience the joy of playing Capoeira. No experience necessary. You can join at any time.

Saturdays, 10:00–11:30am
May 5–June 23, 2018

Delaware House
Wellness & Fitness Center

2499 S. Delaware Ave, Milwaukee, WI


$90/8 class series

$15/per individual class

Contact Prof. Steve for questions:
(414) 732-8379,


Mindful exercise
for a healthy lifestyle

Capoeira Angola is a mindful practice with exercises designed to improve rhythm, balance, flexibility,  strength and endurance—aiming to create greater mobility, awareness and overall physical dexterity. We practice in a controlled and deliberate way, gradually building flowing sequences that allow us to fully experience the movements as well as their health benefits. The exercises are accessible to everyone, as the training and movements can be adapted to each person’s fitness level or state of health. With regular practice, Capoeira can help improve and maintain your health and well-being.

Artistic self-expression
for all

Capoeira involves a variety of artistic disciplines. From martial arts to dance, music, poetry, musical instrument making and more, Capoeira has something for everyone. Music is integral to Capoeira Angola and you will learn to play five musical instruments including the berimbau (musical bow), pandeiro (tambourine), agogô (metal bell), reco-reco (bamboo scraper), and atabaque (hand drum) and also sing traditional Capoeira songs. Even if you have never done anything artistic before, you can learn and enjoy exploring your new skills and creativity. In our class, we respect and encourage everyone’s unique way of expressing themselves. Capoeira’s artistic quality provides many healthy benefits like relieving stress, building confidence, awareness, empathy, self-esteem and much more.

Play like a kid again

Movements, music and traditions of Capoeira combine to create a fun and challenging game that is played inside a circle we call “roda”. Music, singing, and hand clapping energize and inspire the players to use their skill, wit, and playful trickery to try to outmaneuver their partner into a unbalanced or vulnerable position. The players “compete” with one another, but maintaining the camaraderie and positive energy are far more important to us than who “wins” or “loses”. In fact, there never is an official winner of a Capoeira Angola game. We all win when we learn and enjoy the game together.

Stronger together. 
Social and cultural enrichment

Capoeira can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and stronger connections with others. Although you can practice aspects of Capoeira on your own, the real beauty of Capoeira is expressed when practiced within a group. We believe that Capoeira should be fun and enjoyed by all, and we encourage collaboration, creativity, non-violent competition, respect and sportsmanship. Our mission is to form a community of practitioners in the Milwaukee area that value and appreciate the art of Capoeira.

cunning and beautiful

Capoeira has a long and complex history. It is an expression of the African diaspora—a synthesis of cultural traditions, mixed, adapted, and transformed by enslaved Africans in Brazil into a cunning fight for freedom disguised as dance. Once used as a weapon for survival, today Capoeira is practiced around the world and celebrated as an Afro-Brazilian art, sport, and cultural heritage that offers numerous benefits. Capoeira is many things to many people, but for those who love Capoeira, it can become a way of life. Whether your interest is physical, artistic, cultural or a combination, Capoeira is for everyone—liberating the body, mind and spirit.

Professor Steve

Professor Steve Antonson is a member of the Body and Movement Capoeira Angola Association (Associação de Capoeira Angola Corpo e Movimento) founded by Mestre Angola in Salvador–Bahia–Brazil in 1980. Professor Steve has practiced Capoeira for over 20 years and has taught and performed throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Steve’s mission is to share the art of Capoeira in a fun, friendly and healthy way to improve the quality of life of people in our community.