Capoeira is an art that combines elements of martial arts, music, dance and acrobatics, and is played like a game. It is an expression of the African diaspora, product of various cultural traditions and practices, mixed, adapted, and transformed by Africans enslaved in Brazil into a fight for freedom disguised as playful dance. Its history is tragic but also inspiring as its overcome many forms of injustice, evolving into a dynamic Afro-Brazilian art, sport, and cultural heritage symbolic of strength, perseverance and hope.

Capoeira is popular with people of all ages and abilities. It is great for anyone who wants to have fun, be healthy, connect more with oneself and others, and feel a positive and uplifting community energy. It is a mind-body workout, a holistic artform, and a lifestyle for many that offers a variety of benefits such as physical fitness, stress relief, artistic self-expression, personal and cultural enrichment, friendship, recreation and entertainment.

Capoeira Then & Now


Our Capoeira classes are open to beginners
and students of all levels
and include:


Capoeira is a great workout and includes exercises that can develop strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, coordination, rhythm, agility and heightened reflexes. The unique blend of dance, acrobatic and martial art movements are fun and challenging and can bring you greater focus, discipline, confidence and awareness. With practice you will learn self-defense and gain the freedom to express yourself creatively through movement.


Music creates the energy for Capoeira. Playing music with a group is fun to do and can even help relieve stress. You will learn the techniques and rhythms of five musical instruments including the berimbau (musical bow), pandeiro (tambourine), agogô (metal bell), reco-reco (bamboo scraper), and atabaque (hand drum), and we will also teach you how to sing the traditional songs in Portuguese and discuss their meaning. 


The movements, music and rituals of Capoeira are combined like a game inside the circle known as the roda. Music, singing, and clapping provide the energy and inspire the players to use their skill, wit, and trickery to outmaneuver their partner into a unbalanced or vulnerable position. We play Capoeira with love and respect — never violence, and encourage creativity, collaboration, healthy competition and sportsmanship.

our group

Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

We are the Body and Movement Capoeira Angola Association of Milwaukee — a diverse and inclusive group dedicated to the study, practice, and promotion of Capoeira Angola in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our goal is to share Capoeira in a friendly, supportive, and healthy way to improve the quality of lives of people in our community. Our group in Milwaukee was founded in 2000 and is currently organized by Professor Steve Antonson and students.

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

The Associação de Capoeira Angola Corpo e Movimento was founded in 1980 by Antonio Albino Soares (Mestre Angola) in the city of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Mestre Angola learned Capoeira from Maurício Lemos de Carvalho (Mestre Vermelho), who was a student of Vincente Ferreira Pastinha (Mestre Pastinha). Mestre Angola is highly respected and admired in his community in the Bonfim neighborhood of Salvador, where he has taught generations of children and adults the art and culture of Capoeira. He is involved in the activities of the A.B.C.A. (Brazilian Capoeira Angola Association) and recently received the Berimbau de Ouro award for his talent and dedication to the art of Capoeira.


Saturdays at 10am

Summer Outdoor Class Series (Part 1)
June 3 — June 24, 2017

Across the street from the Milwaukee Public Market

*First half movement/music class, second half roda.
Donations (suggested $10) appreciated.
All are welcome.

Updated 5/31/17


For questions and information about classes,
performances or other special events:

Phone: 414.732.8379